In simple terms, a static website is one whose content cannot be change without a developer editing its source code, while a dynamic website can display different content from the same source code.

A dynamic website can deploy content in a different ways, depending on the operative system or browser the visitor use, from the same source code, these kind of website are obtain responsive and they adapt to the screen of any device.

Advantages of static websites

• Quick to develop
• Cheap to develop
• Cheap to host

Disadvantages of static websites

• Requires web development expertise to update site
• Site not as useful for the user
• Content can get stagnant and useless

Advantages of dynamic websites

• Much more functional website
• Much easier to update for the site owner
• New content brings people back to the site and helps in SEO

Disadvantages of dynamic websites

• May be slower to develop
• May be more expensive to develop
• Hosting costs may be a little more

At Ritan360 Technologies, we bring to your door steps dynamic websites with the best SEO practice and we take pride in delivering promptly.

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