A password is a string of characters that allows access to a computer, interface, or system.
Believe it or not, most people’s passwords aren’t very good, leaving many Web users susceptible to having their information hacked.

In bid to remember and keep track of all the logins, a lot of people use the same password. What’s more, many people use passwords that have very poor password security — names, nicknames, dates of birth, maiden names, and other obvious and predictable words.
– A1B2C3,
– Yourname
– Xyz123456
– Phone numbers
– 123456789
It is also advisable not to use dictionary words; it makes it so easy for a hacker using a dictionary program to quickly hack your password

– Be changed at least once a quarter
– Be at least six characters long
– Be unique to each login
– Contain a mixture of upper- and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols, such as *, ^, }, |, ), _ and others

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