Why your website needs HTTPS

The year 2017 is finally wrapping up and for us, at Ritan360 Technologies we want to say thank you to all our esteemed clients, prospects, followers and blog readers. A…

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Doctor please help my computer

A lot of time I often hear people say, “I need to format my computer; it’s too SLOW and HANGING! The sincere truth is that formatting is not the ultimate…

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Keeping Your Computer HEALTHY

The popular saying “Health is wealth”. A lot of people think it has to do with our body only, but that is a wrong notion.Taking good care of everything around us is part of good health. Let’s take a simple example: You have a car and you jump into every pot hole on the road without proper care and you expect to enjoy the car like the other person who drives carefully and minds the pot holes, I am sure that is not possible.

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3 Days Professional Training on Web Design

This training will give you everything you need to plan, build, and launch your own website. It is designed from a beginner’s perspective to provide a step by step guide from the scratch to going live with your website. It not only covers the conceptual framework of a website based system but also cover each aspect of website building, including domain names, web hosting, and working with the world’s largest CMS and the practical aspects of building a successful, beautiful, responsive-design and modern website you can be proud of. After this training you will be able to build your professional websites for business or for yourself.

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